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Italian Organic Honey PRATI DELL’EMILIA is Blond with orange nuances, it is a particularly light honey on the palate and has a fresh taste with notes of cut grass and flowers. It is ideal accompanied with Parmesan cheese, for garnishing desserts, dissolved in milk, in evening chamomile and in mint or star anise teas.

Italian Organic Honey PRATI DELL’EMILIA is produced in the period from June to August, in the Emilia plains, in particular in the provinces of Modena and Bologna. The bees collect the delicious nectar between the banks of the “hanging” rivers (Secchia and Panaro), the infinite expanses of alfalfa and stable meadows, the wetlands, the irrigation canals, the cultivated fields and the plain woods. The blooms visited are: alfalfa, clovers, radish, carrot, mint, sunflower, melon, watermelon, horseradish, beets and occasionally forest honeydew.

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