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Pasta Panarese produces genuine Tuscan Pasta Linguine

It is the best Tuscany Pasta made with wheat coming exclusively 100% from Tuscany. Our method preserve the nutritional properties and doesn’t produce nocive sostance because is made following the rules of craftsmanship with use of bronze dies and drying at low temperatures (50°-65°C)

Pasta Panarese offers a wide variety of formats in 2 main product lines: classic line and egg pasta line.
Both lines are made with products coming directly from our Val d’Orcia in Tuscany
Durum wheat semolina of our hills, Water of Vivo d’Orcia aqueduct and Fresh eggs from local farms are the basic ingredients for a 100% Tuscan Pasta!

The quality of raw materials and our care for the product are reflected in Pasta Val d’Orcia. With Pasta Panarese you can find all the flavours of the ancient tradition of Tuscany pasta.
Classic Line is made with semolina from the best durum wheat of our hills, kneaded with water from Vivo d’Orcia.