https://www.italiantasty.com is a b2b electronic platform, with an e-commerce ready, easy to use, which allows to buy all the best Made in Italy products, directly from qualified Italian suppliers.

On https://www.italiantasty.com, buyers from all over the world, can know and get in direct contact with Italian producers of Made in Italy excellences.
Even small foreign companies (restaurants, shops, small company etc etc) can stock up on Italian products simply contacting on https://www.italiantasty.com qualified suppliers who display their goods and can apply special condition to sell their production.


The group behind italiantasty.com has 30 years of experience in the field of International Marketing.

The office is in Lugano, in Switzerland, but all employees, many native speakers living abroad, are working using the cloud storage and collaboration managment software, to be always connected quickly and effectively. We decided to “dematerialize” the working place, gaining in terms of enthusiasm and performance.

WHY italiantasty.com

Internet is a living organism, constantly evolving, in which each day are recorded million new domains. The leading sites are constantly changing the rules of the game, and what is good today, it will not go over well tomorrow. Our mission is always on the wave so you can stay always update with us.

For companies, even the biggest, keep up with this kind of dynamism is an enterprise really convincing, which is why over 60% of business sites has no visits and its presence in the search engines is reduced to a flicker; less of the remaining 40% of sites are visited for different reasons (big and famous sites) but only 10% in Italy, gets concrete and measurable results, thanks to targeted measures and a systematic approach to design and the world of the Internet.

After a thorough analysis, we decided to bring together a capable team of professionals that can favor the Italian companies to obtain the right visibility in fast-growing markets.