Goat Milk Capriccio

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    Goat milk Robiolina is produced through maturing lactic curds for about seven days in an aging room. This week of affinage, besides forming a velvety, white coating, is also responsible for the delicate sweet flavour of the cheese and hides the acidity that is common with goat milk.

    Processing in small moulds with no holes (as opposed to the moulds that are used for crafting classic Robiola) allows for a softer and creamier texture.

    Raw materials: goat milk, salt, rennet and lactic cultures. It may contain traces of cow milk
    Preservatives: absent
    Commodity notes: origin of milk: Italy
    Unit size: approx. 200 g
    Packing: 1. ovtene and sleeve for food use – 2. round wooden box

    Simple yet exquisite, our cheese varieties are the highlights of superb aperitifs, appetizers, or main courses. Aside from being perfect bread partners, they are also excellent when enjoyed with fruit preserves, honey, walnuts and hazelnuts, grapes, or apple slices.

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