Low Carb Pizza Bases

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    Elisa Food produces low carb pizza bases
    1 base 23 cm – 160 gr € 1,60
    2 bases 23 cm – (2x150gr) 300 gr € 2.50

    Take care your wellness with the Organis raw materias!
    Our Low Carb Pizza Bases are Ideal if you have break machine;
    Perfect in the gastronomy department in a supermarket;
    Apreciated in a small business to sell them after heated.

    9 months shelf life

    EVERYTHING IN PIZZA FIELD is our philosophy.

    ELISA-FOOD want to work to satisfy your needs. We pay special attention to the selection of raw materials ensuring the best good dough rising, crunchiness and taste.
    We are working in progress for new line because we would to see over…to meet everybody needs!

    Elisa Food products are marketed with the PIZZERIA FASCE brand or in Private Label, as the must requests.

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