Giardigiò Jams – Compote “La Diversa”

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    Giardigiò Jams – Compote “La Diversa”
    Quince and cardamom compote

    Contrary to what one might think, quince is not just for desserts – it’s great also with savoury dishes.

    Diversa is perfect when combined with Roquefort cheese or fresh cheese. Bruschette with Caprino cheese and quince jam is a great appetiser to serve friends.
    A combination with white meat is also worth trying – quince gives a sweet touch to poultry and turkey. You may use it while cooking poultry, or you can serve little portions of it in combination with your main course.

    Jars: 100 gr., 200 gr.
    Ingredients: Quince and cardamom

    Why combining cheese with jam or marmalade? It’s all about chemistry: cheese is almost completely sugar-free, so its complementary food are jams and marmalades. The result is a balanced mouthfeel. In order to pick the best combination, one must consider the type of milk that was used for the cheese – cow, goat or sheep – and the consistency – soft, semi-hard, cured or semi-cured.
    When it comes to taste, a proper balance is the ultimate goal. Softer and sweeter cheese should be combined with sour marmalades and jams while strong and cured cheese should be combined with something sweet.
    An explosion of new flavours