Giardigiò – Chutney “Samir”

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    Giardigiò – Chutney “Samir”
    White cauliflower and chili pepper chutney

    This chutney was the first we made. We wanted to give the cauliflower a different touch, while
    still preserving its quality. That’s why we seared it with garlic and chili pepper – the classic way –
    and combined it fresh ginger and cider vinegar syrup.

    Low-heat-cooked pork loin or Bollito Misto are great with it. You might also want to try Samir and fish – like smoked salmon, stockfish, seared tuna – or rice.

    Weight: 100 gr., 200 gr.
    Ingredients: White cauliflower, onion, garlic, chili pepper, ginger, lemon, cider vinegar

    Chutney was imported from India to Europe during the XVII century. The word comes from the Hindi word chutney, to crush – and that’s how chutney is made: fruits or vegetables are crushed, and then cooked with sugar and other ingredients (often spices, such as cloves, garlic, coriander, mustard, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, tamarind and mint – though there is a wide variety of other possibilities). While still uncommon in Italy, chutney is widely spread in the English culinary tradition. The French make large use of it too, as a combination for cheese, meat and appetisers.
    Chutney is an ideal dressing for vegetables, rice or meat-based main courses. Sometimes the spices are toasted, conferring aroma. The addition of sugar and vinegar gives it a sweet and sour taste. Different amounts of each make it possible to have saltier or sweeter chutney.