Goat Milk Robiola DOP

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    Goat Milk Robiola DOP the first D.O.P. food product to be registered in Piedmont, is a cheese produced from raw goat milk following an ancient tradition. Appreciate its velvety, creamy texture, its soft yet intense aroma, and its delicate herb flavour. Robiola di Roccaverano is a D.O.P. cheese which boasts an ancient cheese-making tradition.

    Raw materials: raw goat milk, salt, rennet
    Preservatives: absent
    Commodity notes: D.O.P. milk from locally-bred livestock
    Unit size: approx. 280 g
    Packing: 1. often and sleeve for food use – 2. round wooden box

    This historical goat cheese of Celtic origin owes its present name to the Romans who named it “rubeola”, from Latin “ruber”, in reference to the reddish colour of its mature rind. The first Italian goat cheese to obtain D.O.P. certification, Robiola di Roccaverano received European recognition in July 1996.

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