Salumificio Taccalite Ciauscolo IGP

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    Salumificio Taccalite produces Ciauscolo. It is the symbolic salami of the Marches, typical for its softness and spreadability. Since 2009 it has obtained the IGP mark. It is prepared with a mixture of bacon, shoulder trimming of ham and loin chopped more and more finely until obtaining a creamy mixture that will increase in softness depending on the amount of fat added and which also gives the salami its typical pink color. it is seasoned with garlic, wine, salt, and black pepper, as per specification, it has a tasty but delicate taste, it goes well with a Charmat method Passerina or an excellent Blanche beer. It is advisable to consume it at room temperature to enhance its organoleptic characteristics even more accompanied by warm bread croutons.