Giardigiò – Chutney “Hari”

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    Giardigiò – Chutney “Hari”
    Pepper and mustard seeds chutney
    To be combined with fresh cheese like ricotta and primo sale, roasted game, grilled dishes or mackerel and swordfish.

    Jars: 100 gr., 200 gr.
    Ingredients: Peppers, shallot, apple, garlic, mustard seeds, red wine vinegar

    Chutney was imported from India to Europe during the XVII century. The word comes from the Hindi word chutney, to crush – and that’s how chutney is made: fruits or vegetables are crushed, and then cooked with sugar and other ingredients (often spices, such as cloves, garlic, coriander, mustard, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, tamarind and mint – though there is a wide variety of other possibilities). While still uncommon in Italy, chutney is widely spread in the English culinary tradition. The French make large use of it too, as a combination for cheese, meat and appetisers.

    Chutney is an ideal dressing for vegetables, rice or meat-based main courses. Sometimes the spices are toasted, conferring aroma. The addition of sugar and vinegar gives it a sweet and sour taste. Different amounts of each make it possible to have saltier or sweeter chutney.